Supply chain / Tailor made seminars for major categories of companies (MANUFACTURING, COMMERCIAL, FMCG, RETAIL, PHARMA, E-SHOPS etc). Audiovisual presentations

Typical content
  • Introduction to logistics, the prospect of Greece
  • Warehouse design
  • Warehouse operations
  • Automations, rfid
  • Human capital, safety
  • Product recall
  • 3rd party logistics
  • Transportation and distribution
  • Kpi’ s
  • Cutoff times
  • Inventory planning
  • Stock counts
  • etc
Management seminars for 2nd and 3rd line managers. Interactive courses with 10 people maximum

Four major qualities of a good manager

Honesty: never lie, say part of the truth if necessary
Dignity: don’t ever forget your morality when you are pressed or you aim high
Stability: have a steady strategy, keep both your promises and your threats
Clear mind: always see the forest behind the figures and not the tree

Make your people work for you because they are inspired by you, not because they are sick and tired of you shouting all day . You will be astonished by the quality and quantity you will get.